Don Giovanni

Raymond Weil's Don Giovanni collection for men and women reflects a return to classic elegance. Old Hollywood glamour shines in every line of these refined watches. The chiseled square dials of Raymond Weil Don Giovanni watches are accented with wonderfully unexpected touches that make each timepiece a true original.

With so many choices it may be difficult to choose. Every Raymond Weil Don Giovanni watch is flawless in execution with the signature diamond-shaped hour and minute hands framed by the strong geometric lines of the square dial. Geometric refinement is reinforced in details like the polished square within a square pattern of the dials some accented with diamonds others with unique metallic finishes. Any Raymond Weil Don Giovanni limited edition watch will be a brilliant addition to your watch collection. The distinction of wearing a Don Giovanni watch is unmistakable - these are watches created with passion and a true sense of history. You'll garner compliments from all for your choice of what is indisputably one of the world's finest classic watches.

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Don Giovanni
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